General terms and conditions of sale Brainscape nv

  1. The information, specified in our catalogue and on our website, are understood to be informative and not binding forBrainscape. Possible deviations can in no way whatsoever be considered as mistakes and do not fall under Brainscape's responsibility.
  2. Brainscape reserves the right to refuse orders for reasons of insolvency of the customer or negative advice of the credit insurance company, or for any other reason without needing to provide any justification. 
  3. All comments on deliveries of goods, services or performance need to be notified by registered letter at most eight working days upon receipt.
  4. The invoiced prices are the prices applied on the day the order was made and do not include the cost of transport, unless explicitly specified otherwise. The prices on the order forms are always without obligation. All price changes are payable by the buyer, including charges, taxes, import duties, exchange rate changes, etc.
  5. The goods are always shipped at the customer's risk. In case of damage or loss during transport, the customer shall not be able to claim damages for non- or partial delivery due to force majeure.
  6. Packaging can, if agreed, be made available by Brainscape. The customer is responsible for damage and/or loss of roll containers or box pallets and/or other packaging and will have to reimburse these at EUR 183 per roll container or box pallet.
    Containers are charged at 59.00 EUR/per container. Any proceeds will be deducted from this cost. PCs are charged at 0.25 EUR/kg, laptops at 0.25 EUR/kg, printers at 0.10 EUR/kg, small electronic material at 0.095 EUR/kg. Monitors involve a cost which is charged separately in addition to transport costs, 0.25 EUR/kg
  7. Payments need to be made in cash, by transfer, subject to written agreements to the contrary.
    In case of late payment, an interest of 10% per annum shall be owed by operation of law and without notice of default. The invoice shall be increased with fixed damages of 10% of the invoice amount with a minimum of EUR 25.
  8. For all disputes arising from this agreement only the courts of the district of Turnhout and Antwerp have jurisdiction.