Data destruction: secure and reliable destruction of confidential information

Today we collect data everywhere. On our PC, server, data centre, smartphone etc. and this data often contains crucial company information.

Is your company on the point of buying new ICT equipment? If so, make sure the data on your old equipment cannot be misused, because formatting alone is not sufficient!

With Brainscape's certified data destruction you can rest assured that your data carriers will no longer contain any data.

This service is paid for and at the written request of the customer.

How does it work?

We guarantee you 100% certainty of secure and reliable data destruction.

In this process all equipment is emptied and formatted, for which we use ISO certified software. Each data carrier is also destroyed once this process has been completed.

Data destruction with a certificate

We issue you with a certificate that serves as a guarantee that all company sensitive data has been destroyed, along with a detailed report of each hardware component specifying the serial number.


Customers can opt to bring the equipment to us but we can also collect the goods from your premises.

To do so we arrange sealed transport and when it leaves your premises Brainscape becomes responsible for guaranteed data destruction.

On-site data destruction

Brainscape also offers the option of having your equipment destroyed at your premises. This means you do not need to arrange transport and can be present during the destruction process.