Your partner in recycling

Brainscape is your recycling partner for mobile phones, ink & toner cartridges, desktop PCs and laptops, printers and other electronic devices.

Working on a CIRCULAR ECONOMY, there is no time to lose! 26/03/2019 - Brussels Conference

Why should you choose Brainscape?

We collect your cartridges for free

Recycle and finance your school projects or fill up your club's coffers

Request a collection easily online

Receive compensation for recycling your material

Support a good cause by recycling at your business or school

Why recycle or re-use?

Each year millions of cartridges, mobile phones and other small electrical appliances still disappear into incinerators. Brainscape and DWB are joining up to do something about this.

With your cooperation we succeed in giving priority to re-use and recycling to spare the environment. And being able to support DWB is a nice bonus!

The re-use of electrical appliances not only ensures enormous environmental benefits, it also contributes to closing the "digital divide" between Third World Countries.

I want to recycle

I am convinced.