Recycle your toner & inkjet cartridges

What to do with empty ink and toner cartridges?

Each year, more than 8 million printer cartridges are used in Belgium alone. The quantity used worldwide is estimated to be more than 1/2 billion! Between 70 and 80% of these find their way to the traditional mountain of waste. Immense pressure is placed on our precious environment.

Reusing or recycling can drastically shrink the mountain of waste.

This conviction and responding to customer demand gave rise to our “cartridge collection project”. It is our hope to obtain a huge number of cartridges that qualify for reconditioning.

Through our website we assist you in recycling successfully, just follow the navigation links on this page. We have a number of interesting suggestions for you, regardless if you are a new dealer, a corporation, a school or an organisation.

Besides the undeniable environmental benefit, there are a number of advantages in it for you. Further, as part of the project you provide support for a good cause.

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