Recycling for schools & organisations

Education and attention to the environment always go hand in hand. We like to give a helping hand. By collecting empty printer cartridges you school not only shows respect for the environment, but can earn quite a bit of money as well.

This helps in collecting funds for various projects in your school: for instance expanding IT rooms, buying books, school trips,…

Associations can collect extra funds to top up the association's kitty, to support a good cause, sponsor a trip, etc. And this while contributing to a clean the environment!

Recycling mobile phones and cartridges with Brainscape

  • Register here to participate and we will take care of the rest.
  • You receive a collection container.
  • Maximum efficiency with a minimum of effort!

If you have questions and/or need further information, contact us! You may want to consult our FAQ list, where you will likely find answers to most of your questions.

Just a reminder, absolutely no empty drum assemblies are allowed in the collection container.
Request a quotation.

We wish you great success in collecting and thank you on behalf of the good cause for the support you offer their organisation in this manner.

    Collecting old electrical appliances with Brainscape

    With Brainscape you can have your association earn a pretty penny quickly, simply and in a constructive way!

    We provide you with promotional material with which you can encourage your friends, acquaintances and supporters to hold an 'Brainscape day'!