Recycling for companies

Does your company have empty ink and toner cartridges?

As a corporation, you likely have a pile of empty printer cartridges with nowhere to take them. We have just the solution for you!

The procedure was developed in close cooperation with a good cause and relieves you of your empty cartridges, while allowing the good cause to generate funds for their many projects. We welcome you as a participant in this collection project. You can ask a question via complete form, regarding the dispatching of collection boxes.

We would like to thank you in advance on behalf of the good cause for your interest in this project.

Recycle with Brainscape

  • We collect your empty cartridges or FREE*!
  • We place a container (or several containers, e.g. one / department) and upon receiving your request, the full ones are collected and replaced by new ones. All containers display the logo of the good cause in question, as well as refer to our website. We take care of the necessary publicity to support the project by means of posters.
  • Once your container is full, we collect it upon your submission of a request.
  • Consider these three positive outcomes for your corporation:
    1. You save on potential transportation costs.
    2. You contribute to a better environment.
    3. You support a good cause.

* For less than 35 recyclable cartridges, 50 Euro (+ VAT) will be charged.
Request a quotation.

Does your company have electrical or electronic appliances?

We have the solution for you: RECYCLING with Brainscape.

  • We collect your old electrical and electronic devices.
  • We supply a roller container (can fit in your lift!) for you to fill.
  • We collect the full roller container on your request.
  • We provide another empty roller container.
  • We pay you for the reusable appliances after any deduction of the recycling cost of the non-reusable appliances.
  • The delivery of an empty roller container or the pick up of a full roller container will be charged at 59.00 EUR.

What is and isn't allowed in the roller container?