Recycle your old mobile phone or tablet

What to do with old mobile phones, smartphones and tablets?

Millions of mobile phones and PDAs are in use in Belgium. Besides the phones and PDAs in use, many unused or defective units abound in drawers and closets. Ultimately these unused/defective mobile phones and PDAs make their way back into the environment. Mobile phones and PDAs (including their batteries) contain elements that are harmful to the environment unless processed in the correct manner. Therefore it is very important that these elements be removed in a responsible manner, thereby lessening their impact on the environment.

In Juli 2001 the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive came into force, as compiled by the European Commission in Belgium. With this directive the European Commission set out to tackle the problem of the ever increasing volume of waste whereby maximally electrical and electronic products (which includes mobile phones and PDAs) would be collected and recycled by 2008.

As of 13 August 2005, the manufacturer is responsible for the (separation) collection and recycling and relevant required subsidisation to that end; this also applies to commercial enterprises. The manufacturer must also have an end-plan during design and production to deal with processing of equipment in an environmentally friendly way (‘design for recycling’).

Brainscape see it as their responsibility to help work on a better environment to offer a healthy future to the next generation. The purpose is accordingly to use a safe and environmentally friendly recycling system to make the recycling threshold as low as possible.

As a consumer, do you have an old mobile phone and/or PDA lying around at home? As a corporation, do you want to recycle old business mobile equipment and/or PDAs in an environmentally friendly manner? Make use of BrainScape, let us be your recycling partner in the MOBILE and PDA field.

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