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Brainscape your global recycling partner for your electrical appliances.

  • We contribute to a more beautiful world.
  • We provide substantial support to a good cause.
  • We achieve better results through re-use and recycling.
  • We offer quality and transparency.

Collection of all electrical and electronic equipment from companies. We pay you for your reusable equipment. You pay us for the recycling of not reusable equipment.

The Brainscape vision

Showing by example how sustainable development is put into practice with attention to:


  • Raising people's awareness of maximum re-use
  • Job creation for unqualified persons at our company with our statute of company offering reintegration job opportunities to the unemployed
  • Job creation for unqualified persons in Third World countries by setting up state-of-the-art recycling on-site

The planet

  • Reducing the waste mountain by considerably lowering the threshold for re-use
  • Saving primary raw materials by lengthening the life cycle of appliances
  • Maximum creation of secondary raw materials by recycling
  • Avoidance of Ecodumping by the exclusive delivery of tested appliances
  • Actively creating a suction effect for Ewaste from Third World Countries with our one ton for one ton principle


  • Profits are partly donated to a good cause
  • We ensure profit-sharing for all parties in the whole chain, so certainly also for the traders and recyclers in Third World Countries.

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